vasiluța vasilache

visual artist. chisinau, moldova.
visual herbarium
This botanical visual project is bringing us closer to the plants that live in our proximity. Their presence became a routine, and we, sometimes, forget to look and feel their magic world. 11 artworks of large size that will diminish the distance between your sight and the wildness of the vegetal universe.
herba / iarba / the grass
209 cm x 150 cm
lonicera japonica / caprifoi / honeysuckle
200 cm x 150 cm
allium sativum / usturoi / garlic
160 cm x 160 cm
taraxacum officinale / păpădia / dandelion
250 cm x 160 cm
papaver rhoenas / macul / poppy
300 cm x 120 cm
helianthus annuus / floarea soarelui / sunflower
250 cm x 160 cm
phragmites australis / stuf / reed
180 cm x 180 cm
nymphaea rubra / nufăr / water lily
180 cm x 180 cm
campsis radicans / luleaua turcului / trumpet vine
220 cm x 150 cm
amaranthus caudatus / moțul curcanului / amaranth
150 cm x 150 cm
ipomoea purpurea / zorele / morning glory
200 cm x 157,5 cm
garden of eden
The taste, the smell and the colors of fruits and vegetables, that are part of our lives. If we are what we eat, as we say, let's do not forget that we are the sun, the water and the rainbow as well.
postcards from Greece
A series of painted memories.
From a calm and beautiful summer.
Love at first sight.
Greece, mon amour.
green me
100 cm x 174 cm
kissed by the sun
50cm x 125 cm

25,5cm x 126 cm

morning joys
25 cm x 175 cm
75 cm x 126 cm
follow the White Rabbit
the White Rabbit in this series of paintings, unlike the one in "Alice in Wonderland", is not in permanent rush. on the contrary, it invites you to stay in front of each image and to transpose yourself in different times and spaces.
It is a series of assemblages in which painting and metal are combined.
follow the White Rabbit
99 cm / 194,5 cm
geranium and the sea
49,5 cm / 91,5 cm
30 cm / 47 cm
fool moon
21,5 cm / 30 cm
hot summer
63 cm / 68,5 cm
lost and found
32,5 cm / 41 cm
forever young
51,5 cm / 60 cm
36 cm / 132 cm
62,5 cm / 84 cm
5th floor
52 cm / 89 cm
i want to fly
39 cm / 140 cm
on the mountain
39 cm / 152,5 cm
other works
These artworks were made between 1997 and 2010.
Curcubeu / Rainbow
oil, canvas, 100 cm x 100 cm

2012-2014 Moldova State University, Journalism and Communication Studies, Masters in Management of Infodocumentary Institutions

1997-2002 National Arts University, Bucharest, Romania, specialization painting, class of Prof. Florin Mitroi, Bachelor Degree

1996-1997 Iasi Arts University, painting, Romania

1992-1996 "Igor Vieru" school of Fine Arts, Chișinău, class of Prof. Nicolae Nedealcov

1985-1992 "Gheorghe Asachi" high school, Chișinău


2018 personal exhibition, "Visual Herbarium", Alliance Francaise, Chișinău, Moldova

2018 "Rencontre Franco-Moldave: un aller-retour", Le Havre, France

2017 personal exhibition, "Visual Herbarium", Uptown, Chișinău, Moldova

2012 personal exhibition, "Ițik Mangher" library, Chișinău, Moldova

2009 "Saloanele Moldovei" – International Art Biennale, UAP-Moldova UAP Romania

2007 "Jazz Café" – group exhibition – Tel-Aviv, Israel

2006 "My Jerusalem" group exhibition – Jerusalem, Israel

2005 group exhibition – "Beck Science Center" Jerusalem, Israel

2004 group exhibition – Tel-Aviv, Israel

2003 "Sharet" group exhibition – Petah-Tikva, Israel

2002 group exhibition in the framework of the Book Fair București

2001 group exhibition "Accents and Amprents" – Bucuresti, Romania

2000 group exhibition Carbon ART 2000, Hârtopul Mare, Moldova

1999 group exhibition during the Student Fest, Timișoara, Romania

Since 1999 – in private collections (Moldova, Romania, Israel, Russia, France, Italy, USA, Poland and Germany)
All photo and video materials belong to their owners and are used for demonstration purposes only. Please do not use them in commercial projects.
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